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SEO-AUDITS.IO was set up by Daniel Foley Carter to offer an independent auditing service for businesses who want a proper review of their website, organic strategy and approach.
Consider this – the birth place of Real SEO audits.

I’m Daniel Foley Carter – the man behind the audits. I live and breathe SEO – so much that I made it my own prerogative to rank number 1 in Google for SEO consultant.

I produce SEO audits from scratch, using refined manual analysis – to ascertain all the REAL factors behind ranking in your niche, your website and ultimately what needs to be done now and for the long run.

If you choose me for your SEO audit, you won’t be disappointed.

Daniel Foley Carter – www.danielfoley.co.uk


So the story goes.

I’ve been in the SEO game from the 1990s, I pretty much live and breathe it, so I decided to set up an individual auditing service for businesses that want to get a proper SEO audit – one that will give them FULL insights into their organic strategy, website, issues and overall trajectory.

Over the years, I’ve been sent hundreds (if not thousands) of audits – I got fed up with seeing low quality, 99% automated audits that offer extremely little value.

It seemed like every SEO audit was the same – put a website in an SEO tool, let that spit out basic recommendations, put a logo on it – viola.

Not here – you won’t find any automation here.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help businesses say goodbye to poor quality SEO audits – that’s actually our tag line. Our mission is also to help businesses around the globe with organic growth, money saving, time saving and to help drive real growth off professional recommendations.

We genuinely care about what we do for clients – every SEO audit is built from scratch, with 10s to 100s of hours of time invested in them. 

Already – our audits have helped businesses across the globe with their SEO strategy – our audits have helped to stop businesses wasting money on poor quality SEO resource, spending money in the wrong areas, wasting money on exercises that will never yield ROI and more.

We aim to set the bar high on SEO audit standards – that’s why SEO-AUDITS.IO was born.


Who is Daniel Foley Carter?

Daniel Foley Carter is an SEO specialist orginally from London in the United Kingdom. Daniel owns a number of SEO related businesses – including Assertive-Media, Daniel Foley SEO Consultancy, Scooter.Guide, SEO Audits.io, Snowpads and more.

Daniel begun in the SEO industry in 1998/1999 and has worked with some of the largest global brands on SEO auditing, strategies, delivery and training.

Now Daniel specialises in full auditing, SEO webinars, training and some consultancy.

“SEO isn’t my job, it’s my absolute passion, and so is teaching it to others – I believe the SEO industry is long overdue some form of regulation and standatrds – to protect businesses from unscrupulous SEO – it’s an industry where a lot of people make a lot of money, and an industry that also takes a lot of money away from businesses”.

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