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The New Definition of SEO Audits

Find out everything there is to know about your websites organic performance. Find out why you aren’t ranking, whether your SEO agency is doing a good job, what things are holding your website back and more. We are the definitive source of professional SEO audits.

Is Your SEO Working?   Rankings Stuck?  Agency/Resource Not Performing? Can Help. was setup to deliver premium, professional SEO audits that will identify absolutely everything there is to know about your website, organic performance, strategy and more.

Our SEO Audits can tear apart your current organic performance, your strategy, your resource, your website & everything inbetween.

Professional SEO Auditing Services

Browse our range of online SEO audits (all bookable through the website) – if you are unsure which is the right audit for you – fill out our form below and we’ll get in contact.

Accelerating Growth

More Than Just an SEO Audit

SEO Audits should be so much more than highlighting header tags, title tags, broken pages, page speed. 9/10 SEO audits miss out comprehensive information that really will identify what’s required to rank in Google. Our audits get to the bottom of every identifiable ranking factor.
Tailored Recommendations

Detailed SEO Audits with Actionable Recommendations

You’ll receive an audit that not only tears apart every piece of data in relation to your website & competitors / search results, you’ll get guidance on what you need to be focusing on.

Choose Your SEO Audit

Choose from our range of SEO audits below. All audits are available via monthly payment options. All audits are bespoke. If you have any questions about the audit process, delivery, terminology included or anything else reach out to our support with the Whatsapp bubble icon or send us an e-mail.

SEO Audit Basic

Small Websites

We’ll be looking at every single SEO aspect of your site, we’ll make sure Google loves your site.

Whats included?

£ 899.99

Delivery: 14-21 days

SEO Audit Intermediate

Small/Medium Websites

We’ll be looking at every single SEO aspect of your site, we’ll make sure Google loves your site.

Whats included?

£ 1,999.00

Delivery: 14-21 Days

SEO Audit Advanced

Small, Medium & Large Websites

We’ll be looking at every single SEO aspect of your site, we’ll make sure Google loves your site.

Whats included?

£ 3,499.00

Delivery: 21-28 Days

SEO Audit Behemoth

Medium, Large, Corporate Websites

We’ll be looking at every single SEO aspect of your site, we’ll make sure Google loves your site.

Whats included?

£ 4,999.00£ 14,999.00

Delivery: 30 days

Link Building Audit

For All Websites

We’ll be looking at every single SEO aspect of your site, we’ll make sure Google loves your site.

Whats included?

£ 999.00

Delivery: 30 days

Agency / Resource SEO Performance Audit

We’ll be looking at every single SEO aspect of your site, we’ll make sure Google loves your site.

Whats included?

£ 899.99

Delivery: 30 days

Our SEO Audits Save Businesses £/$10000s

Investing in PPC is expensive, investing in SEO is and can be as expensive for some businesses. Investing in SEO is a gamble – you are relying on third party technical expertise – that expertise might know how to run a SEMRUSH audit or knock out a crawl report from Screaming Frog, but, that’s not high level SEO.
Investing in SEO is expensive, not just because it’s expensive to deliver, but also because it can take a while to get any tangible return.

PPC = Fast ROI but often very expensive

SEO = Slow ROI but significant ROI – far more sustainable long term.

Our SEO audits save your business money – how? they help you understand if your current investment is working – are you spending the right money? is your investment going somewhere that isn’t giving good value for money?

Driven by Approach

SEO Audits Like No Other

Get an audit that gets to the root point of “why your site isn’t ranking” with actionable recommendations and guidance. Instead of paying out for SEO each month and wondering whether or not you’ll ever get anywhere – pay for an audit and find out exactly where your site is, what’s going on, what opportunities exist on the horizon, what is realistically required to drive up rankings for all value keywords & more.

Our Latest SEO Audits

See our latest SEO Audits below – please note most are redacted and are for sample analysis only.

Bonus Code Poker

An audit of Bonus Code Poker

Skills Training Group

An audit of Skills Training Group


An audit of Casinofox

Is Your Current SEO Strategy Working?

Get an impartial 3rd party review of your website and third party SEO efforts (if any).  Find out the true trajectory of your keyword performance, understand query coverage and share of voice growth or decline over time.

Will you be able to rank for your focus keywords

Let’s face it, more than 70% of SEO campaigns / strategies are missold. Find out whether your budget, current strategy and efforts are going to meet the requirements to rank. You’ll get an unbiased, honest review of all current efforts and whether they are worth investing in.

Will you ever rank?

Find out whether you can ever  rank for your target keywords with your current budget. Receive a brutal assessment of budget vs expectation. If you are trying to rank for highly competitive terms on a shoe string budget – chances are you’ll never make it.

Lost rankings or traffic over time?

Have you lost valuable rankings / traffic over time? No idea why? not getting any results from current efforts? Our audits will tear everything apart – we’ll identify lost rankings and correlative data to identify why and how you can fix it.

Are you wasting money?

If you don’t understand SEO and you’ve been sold a fancy SEO package  – find out if what you are paying for is worth it or whether you are wasting money, whether the efforts are likely to pay off and a complete agency performance analysis.

Nothing you do seems to work?

Whether you are performing your own SEO or using an SEO Agency / SEO Consultant – if after a while you are seeing no changes despite a concerted effort then an audit can be used to flesh out any underlying issues.


How long do SEO Audits take?

SEO Audits can take anywhere from 7 to 21 days depending on which audit you choose as well as the size and complexity of your website. Each audit has a different estimated delivery timeframe.



What SEO Audit do we need?

Small businesses will generally be OK with the basic audit – especially for non competitive or localised businesses. Medium to large businesses with more complex websites may need an advanced/behemoth audit – it really depends on the niche, competitiveness and other factors.



What SEO Audit do we need?

Yes, our SEO audits can get right to the bottom of penalties/manual actions. Although these actions have become more rare – they still happen. If your website has been hit with a manual action / penalty or has been significantly impacted after a Google core update, an SEO audit will get to the bottom of it.



Can you offer SEO audits for international websites / content?

Yes we can run SEO audits on websites in any language / location. We offer comprehensive SEO audits for international websites which cover one or more locations.


We’ve Been Doing SEO for Ages & Still No Results?

This is surprisingly common – mainly because of the gap between budget, resource and efforts. More than half of all SEO campaigns out there are missold – in that the budgets given to SEO are insufficient but the agency/resource in question has taken the project anyway.

If SEO isn’t part of a wider strategy and isn’t executed properly – it can become a money pit of endless investment with little to no returns.

It could be budget, it could be expertise of both. Our audits help to pin point where the issues are and what needs doing.


Our Rankings Are Stuck – No Matter What We Do

Another common scenario – you’ve lost rankings or you’ve got rankings that you are trying to push forward – but, no matter how hard you try – nothing seems to work. This happens to websites in all different niches – you do everything advised and yet nothing seems to work.

SEO is the sum of hundreds of different quality factors – impedance can be down to lots of intrinsic factors – our audits will isolate and identify potential causes and resolutions.


We Used To Rank Top & Since, We’ve Lost Our Rankings

This is also another common scenario in the SEO world. There are millions of sites out there that have ranked for years and overnight – lost those all important keywords. Ranking losses can be devastating as well as super difficult to recover (depending on the reasoning behind loss). was setup to deliver premium, professional SEO audits that will identify absolutely everything there is to know about your website, organic performance, strategy and more.

Our Professional SEO Audit Services Includes

Current Visibility Analysis

A holistic view of everything that your site does and does not rank for – based on the websites content & offering. This covers average positions, total query volumes, share of voice and more.

Gain / Growth Analysis

This will weigh up your budget / investments into SEO & the rate of growth over time. Has your SEO spend been invested and used wisely? Receive a full gain analysis with budget recommendations.

Click Gap / Query Segment Analysis

Understand click gap performance as well as page level query performance, diversity of query, page level query alignment & more.

Cannibalisation Audits

Cannibalisation is endemic, see how badly your website suffers from cannibalisation & how many things are competing organically for the same queries.

Quality Content

Low quality content is an issue that impacts most sites – see which content on your domain is low quality and likely to hold rankings back.

Algorithm Impact Analysis

Understand how past algorithm updates have impacted your site and how they may play a part in current ranking performance issues.

Full Search Console Teardown

Learn more about your websites performance from raw search console data – we’ll tear apart everything from search appearance data to coverage / excluded URL issues and more.

Active/Legacy Cannibalisation

Using Google Search Console, we’ll incorporate active/legacy cannibalisation data into the technical SEO audit.

What our clients say

“We were astounded at the quality of the audit we received, none of us were expecting so much detail.”

Paul Sakellars – Car Portal International

“Worked with Daniel on an SEO audit. Work provided was very detailed and the opportunity to work with the company after to action the findings was available although not a service I have yet used. I’m confident you’ll find value if you’re looking for an objective look at any SEO issues..”

David Lenton – Cheeky Punter Betting Tips

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Professional SEO Audit Services

The SEO marketplace has boomed significantly in the last 5 years – with more and more digital marketers & SEO agencies around than ever before – however,

in the wild are generally thin, poor quality or are composed of heavily automated content which is spat out by tools such as SEMRUSH, AHREFS, Sitebulb and other “SEO” platforms.

Here at SEO-AUDITS.IO every single audit is bespoke, created from scratch, using in-depth data analysis and manual legwork to not only audit in-depth but also to demonstrate issues found, provide insights and to provide resolution in the way of guidance.

Not only do our audits provide lots of thorough and useful information, they provide tremendous volumes of insight into search results, competitors, data burried in search console about your website and more – this data is used to build an SEO strategy that works.

Unlike conventional approaches to SEO, all of our approaches are based on “AUDIT FIRST” – how can anyone quote for SEO unless they know the technical ins and outs of your website, your content performance, product/service coverage? trust factors/signals?

Here at SEO-Audits.IO, we’ve decided to lead a revolution in professional SEO audits that go as far as possible to help businesses truly get on the path to strong organic growth – or to at least plan for a longer term strategy that aligns with any earmarked SEO budget. was founded by Daniel Foley Carter after running an SEO agency and SEO Consultancy for more than 15 years and being presented with hundreds of audits over the years that were just abysmal. We’re here to change that.

True Ranking Factors Analysed & Uncovered

Heard this one before? The truth is NO ONE knows what ranking factors are applied in any search result – but we can speculate based on end user search intent.

During our audit process, we’ll run a landscape intent map for your website and landing pages against search results to see just how well your pages fit the profile of the queries they are targeting.

It’s not always about trying to uncover “true” or “potential” ranking factors in the name of organic traffic – it’s about aligning intent, bolstering trust and working towards giving the end user the best possible experience.

Lot’s of digital marketing services are driven by waffle/sales talk to get you – the client to part with your money – the truth is NO AGENCY, NO PERSON, NO ONE knows how Google applies algorithm factors to search results as it’s done on a per query basis.

Driving Up Organic Traffic & Rankings

The goal or endpoint of our SEO audits is to help your business drive up organic traffic and rankings by providing a solid foundation to work from.

After a full, professional SEO audit has been completed, we can give a summary of the situation and a projection of the work to resolve, improve and gain.

After an evaluation is complete, we can help build your businesses SEO strategy by providing guidance for budget around content, link building, service/product optimisation, SEO testing, long-tail development, user behaviour optimisation and more!

Search engine rankings aren’t driven by “out of the box” ranking factors – every query / search results has an untold combination of ranking factors that even vary by position – it’s how no one has ever been able to reverse engineer anything that Google does.

I’m Daniel Foley Carter – the man behind the audits. I live and breathe SEO – so much that I made it my own prerogative to rank number 1 in Google for SEO consultant.

I produce SEO audits from scratch, using refined manual analysis – to ascertain all the REAL factors behind ranking in your niche, your website and ultimately what needs to be done now and for the long run.

If you choose me for your SEO audit, you won’t be disappointed.

Daniel Foley Carter –

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