Strategic SEO Planning & Execution with Planned Testing Webinar -

SEO Strategy, Implementation & Experiments

Strategic SEO Planning, Testing & Execution Webinar

 SEO Planning & Execution, Measurement Strategies & More

 Refine Your SEO Approach


There’s a lot more to SEO planning and strategy than keyword research and SEMRUSH analysis – in this webinar we look at building an SEO strategy off the back of auditing – we then set up experiments and measurement objectives to gauge strategy and result evolution.

The webinar will be available live or in a recorded format for anyone who can’t attend during the live event. You will be provided with the full video to download.

What Value Does This Webinar Offer?

✓ Get your content strategy right from the start

✓ Save time and money

✓ Learn Processes that work

✓ Improve SEO skillset


Strategic SEO Planning, Testing & Execution Webinar


This webinar – will cover the SEO strategy creation phase – planning, execution, SEO testing and measurement models. Learn more about the dynamic approach to SEO strategy and how to adapt your strategy based upon uptake data. Use SEO testing models to progress organic performance and learn valuable interim skills too.

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There are so many nuances to SEO - creating an SEO strategy has to be a dynamic process - because every website is different - not just at the time but historically also. Learn the methodology of building your SEO strategy off the back of auditing, creating an execution phase, implementing and then adapting your SEO strategy with measurement objectives.

Fail to Plan – Plan to Fail

Lot’s of SEO strategies fail – most because of a lack of real SEO expertise, others because of insufficient budgets, poor quality work and impatient clients – some fail because of more than 1 issue.

Selling SEO is easy, delivering it is hard – the old adage of audit, content, links  “will do it” fades as Google evolves and algorithm’s evolve to use HID / AI. 

Failing to plan is endemic – SEO strategy isn’t just about a content plan or an audit, it’s about setting up a strategy and model for testing and then adapting your strategy as you go – identifying what is and isn’t working.

That’s what this webinar is for.

What will you learn?

As it’s a webinar., you’ll either witness live or via recording – how I use various tools and processes, analysis and data aggregation to make data based decisions for SEO strategies. Some of the key things I intend of sharing:  

  • Before you embark on SEO
  • Prerequisites 
  • What you need to be prepared for
  • Pre-audit and post audit tasks
  • Building a Dynamic strategy that “evolves”
  • Changing your strategy on the fly
  • How to benchmark REAL data and make data led decisions
  • Resource scaling / compensatory approaches
  • Dealing with stakeholders, clients, resource
  • How to query count
  • and more

    Who is this webinar for?


    This webinar is aimed at all SEOs – although new / inexperienced SEOs may not be suitable with the more technical aspects of strategy / planning / execution.

    This webinar is suitable for any SEOs who are looking to evolve their skill set to incorporate a dynamic approach to SEO planning, Strategising, Testing and measuring.


    What will you receive?

    You will receive access to the live webinar or, if you purchase after the webinar has ran, a copy of the recording.

    A recording is provided to everyone who purchases including those who watch the live event.

    Additional slides are provided detailing the process.

    What value does planning offer?

    Significant value – because, so much SEO is built on an unstable foundation – be it through resource, expertise, timeframes or budget. Let’s face it – if you are trying to buy a ferrari with a ford fiesta budget – it will never happen – many SEO campaigns are undersold, or, the lack of proper auditing led to the wrong budget requirements, false promises on traffic gains in specified timescales and more – there are SO many things that CAN and DO go wrong with SEO from the outset.

    This webinar shows you how to plan, strategise, execute, measure and test.

    What Value Does The Webinar Offer?

    A lot of value – because, this can help SEOs both freelance/consulting, agency side or inhouse better plan their strategy, what they’ll need, how to manage stakeholders, resource, execution and more. SEO is the sum of LOTS of moving parts – failing to plan will ultimately mean you plan to fail.

    • Learning where to start – or if you’ve started, where to replan
    • Learning to audit before you do anything else
    • Building a picture of what’s needed based off auditing
    • Planning the deliverable phases and managing budget constraints
    • Understanding time based factors (supercedes budget)
    • Implementing, delivery and reporting
    • Understanding impact & benchmarking
    • Creating a dynamic strategy with testing methodology
    • Tracking success, benchmarking, query counting & adapting strategy

    This is designed to help SEOs not only plan, but to organise, to manage resource, manage stakeholders, expectations and delivery output.

    Our Clients Have Included 

    Client Case Study 

    “Daniel’s last round of webinars have been extremely useful in helping our team develop their SEO skillset and approach to SEO”


    We’ve enrolled on Daniel’s webinars – and so far, we’ve been blown away by the approaches and level of detail that is gone into – Daniel’s content shows how he interprets data along with explanations and clear cut examples.

    Our team has been able to watch, digest and understand the processes as well as why they are important.

    I highly recommend the webinar content – it’s been a goldmine for our in house team.

    Arianne Kierabile – RM IMPC Consultants