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Find out what your link profile says about your domain

Recover lost ground from ranking and traffic losses. Every year millions of websites are hit by Google core (algorithm) updates, some websites are hit by spam, negative SEO and random SERP (search result) changes which lead to significant losses in visibility. Thankfully, if that’s happened to you – we can help you recover lost rankings & traffic.

 Traffic Drop Audit

 Faster Delivery Option

 £1500 - £5000

What Value Does Audit Offer?

✓ Recover from Algorithm Updates

✓ Regain Lost Rankings & Traffic

✓ Futureproof Recovery

✓ Save time and money

✓ Full actionable guidance

Get the full low down on your domains link profile & actionable insights

Ranking & Traffic Recovery Audit


Ranking and traffic losses can be devastating to any business that relies heavily on online trade. Our SEO audits are a professional solution for businesses that have lost ground recently or, lost ground in the past and can’t seem to regain ground. We provide a deep dive into your websites profile, evaluating the impact of core updates, algorithm changes, SERP shifts, manual actions and more. Get FULL insights and an actionable solution.

pay in monthly instalments: 12 x £143.75


Each year, millions of websites across the globe fall foul of Google one way or another - either through a penalty or manual action or through algorithm changes that lead to devasating and sometimes overnight drops. This problem can lead to businesses / marketing managers in panic and ultimately - knee jerking for a solution. This isn't the solution. Unfortunately SEO is a dynamic process and failiure to keep on top of your strategy or using the right resource can lead to adverse impacts when an update hits. Our audits identify key points that are likely responsible for your losses, what can be done, the approach for recovery and full guidance.

Our audits save time - they get to the bottom of RAW data and often help clients quickly recover.



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How it Works & What You Get

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Who is the Traffic & Ranking Loss Audit for?

The traffic and ranking loss audit is for businesses who’s website has suffered a gradual or immediate loss of rankings and traffic. Any site that has exhibited a sudden decline in rankings or traffic – or sites that are in a steady decline OR sites that have been stuck in a lost traffic state and not recovered irrespective of efforts put in.

Our audits are the solution for websites that either lost traffic or cannot regain lost ground (historic losses).

Lost Rankings Overnight? In a Panic?

Don’t worry – you wouldn’t be the first we’ve seen, we’ve audited hundreds of domains over the years that have been hit hard by google core / algorithm updates, random ranking drop outs, manual action penalties and more. The worst thing to do is panic – and making large changes to your website in the attempt of recovery is never a good idea. Our SEO audits are the solution for businesses who have seen a gradual or sudden loss of traffic / rankings.

    What Does Our Audit Include?

    With the traffic and ranking loss audit – you will receive

      1x Google Slide audit with all insights and key actionable recommendations in
      Supporting Google sheets containing additional actionable items (this will vary depending on the niche / issues found)
      Video support

    Some audits may come with additional documentation depending on the scope of the audit.

    How Long Will The Traffic & Ranking Loss Audit Take?

    Our traffic and rank loss / recovery audits usually take 2-3 weeks, however, it will depend on the size of your website, the niche amongst other factors. After you order the audit – you’ll be given a timeframe depending on your site, search console data and other factors.

    Average delivery times can vary depending on the size of your website and whether you provide search console access. *

    The Traffic & Ranking Loss Audit Will Include:

      • Full analysis of search console data
      • Full analysis of your websites content profile
      • Intent alignment analysis
      • User engagement and experience analysis
      • Core/ranking update factor evaluation against your site
      • Index bloat and secondary content coverage audit
      • Product/eCom factor audit – for eCom sites
      • Service coverage and evaluation
      • Link audit
      • Link velocity, coverage and trust audit
      • Full spectrum domain analysis
      • and more
      Analysis/IncludesTypeLink Building Audit
      Initial Search Console AnalysisSite DataY
      Initial Link Evaluation (Search Console Data)Site DataY
      Link Platform Link ConsolidationLink DataY
      Link Velocity Over Time (Analysis)Link DataY
      Competitor Link Velocity Over TimeLink DataY
      Link Distribution AnalysisLink DataY
      Anchor Text Distribution AnalysisLink DataY
      Link Type (By Content Type) EvaluationLink DataY
      CTLD EvaluationLink DataY
      Distribution of External to Internal LinksLink DataY
      Evaluation of Domain vs Sub Domain LinksLink DataY
      Broken External Links & Potential for ReclamationLink DataY
      Topical Trust Flow Analysis and BenchmarkingLink DataY
      Citation Flow AnalysisLink DataY
      Link Network Analysis & Tiered LinksLink DataY
      Historic Performance Over Time vs. Link Profile & AcquisitionLink DataY
      Manual Link Toxicity AnalysisLink DataY
      Manual Link Traffic (Page and Domain) EvaluationLink DataY
      Distribution of External to Internal Links (Competitors)Link DataY
      PBN EvaluationLink DataY
      Penalty Assessment (if one exists)Link DataY
      Content / Link Index FactoringLink DataY
      Overall Link AssessmentLink DataY
      Summary VideoVideoY

      What Value Does The Traffic & Ranking Loss Audit Offer?

      A substantial offering – mainly because losing organic ground can be anything from minor to major – costing businesses anything from thousands of pounds to tens of millions of pounds.

      There is no easy way to magically recover from a sudden loss (unless of course it’s something silly like a blocked website via robots.txt).

      Our audits are beyond the defacto standard – and as a result, they will get to the bottom of ALL potential causes – from this, mitigating solutions can be provided, in a format and timeframe that can save a significant amount of money and time. 

      •  Full traffic and ranking loss insights – find out exactly where all the losses have occured and what can be done
      • You’ll Save Time & Money if Strategy Change if required now
      •  Actionable recommendations to begin the recovery as well as an ongoing methodology and support
      •  You’ll Know Whether To Change Strategy or Reposition Efforts

      Cut ranking recovery and traffic recovery times substantially – put your foot on the recovery pedal in the right way and regain lost ground. 

      Our Clients Have Included 

      Client Case Study 

      “Daniel and his team have been extremely helpful in driving our recovery.”


      Around 2 years ago, we had a web design/SEO agency who rebuilt our website. The website was intended to improve the old design – for better engagement and user experience. However, after the website was rolled out we tumbled like a stone down the rankings in Google.

      Overnight we saw our main keywords all drop from top 3 positions where they had been for many years – needless to say we were devastated by it. We had to increase our PPC spend dramatically to compensate for the loss. After more than a year of stagnancy after the drop we decided to use Daniel’s SEO audit service & consultancy – since then, we’ve rebuilt the site, cleared up more than half a million indexed pages that were a result of filtering issues, we’ve significantly improved UX and made the website far more product-centric.

      Since doing this we’ve seen significant reversals in our rankings – we’re still climbing at the point I write this – very pleased and would highly recommend Daniel and his team for any ranking loss / investigatory work.

      Robin Anthill

      1st Choice Lesiure –


      What Are Common Causes for Ranking & Traffic Losses?

      Ranking and traffic losses can happen for hundreds of reasons – usually it will be for more than 1 reason. Common causes include:

      • Algorithm influenced losses 
      • Core update losses
      • Website devaluation due to penalty
      • Technical / content accessibility issue
      • Spam / hack injections

      More than 90% of losses will fall under one or more of the issues above. Other losses can be due to things such as content removals from indexing after DMCA takedown requests and more!. 

      Can We Get Our Rankings & Traffic Back & Will It Be Quick?

      In most instances depending on the reason behind the losses. Some losses are much harder to recover from – websites that lose ground due to excessive content stagnancy, a lack of link acquisition and general lack of organic effort can take far longer to recover than a loss as a result of technical issues.

      Usually websites that have ranked well and then tanked after core updates will be the scenario that takes longer to recover from – and this is where it can become very expensive for businesses – because, onboarding SEO resource without a clear understanding of why the loss has happened can lead to an investment that doesn’t lead to recovery.

      This not only costs more money – it can significantly increase time for recovery.


      We Had An SEO Agency / In House SEO – Why Did We Lose Rankings?

      This is a much harder question to answer – primarily because ranking and traffic losses can happen to any website – at any time. Sometimes it could be down to an SEO with limited experience who hasn’t kept on top of key practices such as content management, link acquisition, site architecture, user experience, user engagement, index maintenance etc. – In which case the SEO resource is responsible.

      However, sometimes it could be down to a business not being reactive enough to SEO guidance, not being flexible with required website / content updates etc.

      There are so many scenarios that can play out as to who is responsible and what can be done to mitigate the loss.


      We Received A Google Penalty – Can We Recover From This?

      Yes but it has to be resolved by an SEO consultant / SEO specialist who has experience. We can provide a ranking and traffic recovery audit as well as consultancy to help you clear up any penalty and regain lost ranking ground.

      The type of penalty you receive will ultimately dictate what needs doing and how long it will take to recover – some penalties such as manual actions can be more obscure – manual actions for spammy links can take longer to recover from because of the nature of running a staged disavow cleanup – other penalties related to on site practices are generally quicker to recover from.

      During the audit, we’ll ascertain the type of penalties you got and the best course of action to resolve.

      Our Website Was Hacked & Rankings Dropped – Will This Audit Help?

      Yes – we regularly audit websites that were hit by hidden (less obvious) spam injections and also sites hit with major spam injection / exploitations. Usually spam hacks are easily recovered from – once the website has been cleaned up and any malicious code injection removed – recovery can be swift.

      However, more complex hacks with link spam can be harder to recover from and can take more time – this will involve a security and vulnerability audit of your website, a full code review to weed out any hidden malware / code that can reinject spam – we then work on clearing out the index of hacked results.

      Most recoveries are swift, but, more advanced/aggressive website hacks/spam injection can take longer to recover from.

      We perform hacked website audits and offer recovery services.

      Frequently Asked

      Should We Abandon Our Domain and Start Afresh?

      After some SEO audits are delivered (ranking and traffic loss / recovery audit) some clients ask the question – should we just start afresh on a new domain? The answer is nearly always NO. Mainly because most ranking losses are recoverable – it just requires a proper plan of action. In most cases, the cost of ranking and traffic recovery is less than that of starting on a new domain and having to build new links into the domain, establish trust etc.

      Our Rankings Dropped After A Link Spam Attack - What Should We Do?

      In most cases, Google ignores aggressive link spam and link attacks – negative SEO was a platform for people to cause domains to lose rank by hitting them with aggressive link spam – however, Google has gotten much better at detecting unnatural links and discrediting them altogether without penalising a website for it – so you might correlate sudden link growth with ranking loss, but there are likely other factors. Our audit can ascertain whether link spam caused ranking loss – if the connection is made we’ll run a staged disavow for you.

      Should We Submit A Disavow?

      No, unless you are highly specialised in the field of search engine optimisation -we do NOT recommend using the disavow tool – especially prior to an audit.

      How Do Our Traffic & Ranking Drop Audits Work?

      Our traffic loss audits are the defacto gold standard when it comes to identifying the root cause of ranking / traffic losses. Because our audits are bespoke and manually generated by SEO specialists with 20+ years of experience – you are getting a REAL AUDIT and not automated garbage. Each element of your websites profile will be pulled apart, from your websites index and content profile to link profile, site architecture, user engagement and behavioural analysis – we analyse the SERP, changes in SERP – winners and losers, brand trust factors, product and service coverage factors, spam, hacks, link spam, manual actions, penalties and so much more!


      Here’s our Traffic & Ranking Audit Process –


      •   STEP 1 – Book your Traffic & Ranking Loss Audit through our website
      •   STEP 2 – You provide your domain & Google search console access  
      •   STEP 3 – We audit your entire website / domain / serp – we produce a report
      •   STEP 4 – We offer you tailored guidance on what to do next
      •   STEP 5 – We can provide SEO consultancy to help with recovery

      People trust for their link building audits because:

      •   We get to the bottom of all ranking losses, traffic losses, penalties and search result / algorithm shifts
      •   We never automate our analysis – everything is done manually
      •   We’re reputable, having delivered over 500 audits in the last 5 years 
      •   We understand the implications of lost traffic / rankings and the impact on sales and revenue

      Here at, we wanted to redefine what an SEO audit really is – and with the traffic recovery audit, this is what we do.

      Now it’s your time to see just how a proper audit can help you save time and money.

      Can We Use SEO Tools For Ranking Recovery

      The only SEO tools that should be used for recovery are people who know how to use and process data. Search console is by far the most important tool in the process.

      Many people working to recover rankings will use AHREFS, SEMRUSH, MOZ and other platforms – and whilst these can provide useful data, they aren’t the solution for lost rankings.

      Crawling and fixing broken links and alt tags or title tags that are too long are unlikely to yield recovery – again, every penalty / ranking loss is different and usually for multiple reasons – we focus on real data and a recovery framework using SEO testing.


      We Need A Ranking / Traffic Loss Audit URGENTLY! Can We Get One Faster?

      We book all audits in sequentially – in some circumstances we can provide accelerated audit delivery for urgent circumstances – however this comes with an additional premium. 

      For an urgent ranking / traffic audit – please contact us by e-mail at or contact us via the WhatsApp bubble.