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Find out what your link profile says about your domain

Link building is a crucial part of most SEO campaigns – links drive authority, trust and rankings (in combination with other factors). Getting your link building right is crucial – are you investing in link building and not seeing the desired results? have you lost rankings after a link update / core update? Wondering whether current or previous link building campaigns have done damage?

  Comprehensive Link Audit

 Faster Delivery Option


What Value Does Audit Offer?

✓ Is Your Link Building Strategy Viable?

✓ Are your links supporting growth?

✓ Are you paying too much for links?

✓ Is your Link Building Working?
✓ Is your Link Profile Clean? Safe?

Get the full low down on your domains link profile & actionable insights

Link Building Audit

£ 999.00

Our link-building audits take the pain out of “guessing” – understand how your link profile is likely to look to search engines like Google – understand whether your investment into links is worth it – are you getting good quality links? are you paying the right money or earning links in the right way? Is your link velocity / acquisition rate sufficient? Anchor text balancing sufficient? External to internal distribution OK? Get the FULL low down on your link profile as well as recommendations / guidance on your forward link building strategy.

pay in monthly instalments: 12 x £83.25


Our link-building audits take the pain out of "guessing" - understand how your link profile is likely to look to search engines like Google - understand whether your investment into links is worth it - are you getting good quality links? are you paying the right money or earning links in the right way? Is your link velocity/acquisition rate sufficient? Anchor text balancing sufficient? External to internal distribution OK? Get the FULL low down on your link profile as well as recommendations/guidance on your forward link-building strategy.

You'll learn about your domains link profile in unprecedented detail - from topical trust factors through to relevance, weighting & velocity, historic link factors & more!


How it Works & What You Get

Summary in one video

Who is the Link Building Audit for?

Backlink audits are suitable for any domain / website that has at least some history with link building.  If you are unsure – you can contact us first and we can check your domains suitability for this audit. 

  • Any website that has SEO or has had SEO
  • Any website that is at least 6 months old
  • Any website that has suffered after a Google update / Link spam update

 This audit can be ran on any domain in any industry / niche.

Not Technically Minded?

Don’t worry – if you aren’t familiar with SEO / Link Building terminology but you are actively spending money on an SEO campaign / link building or digital PR – we can evaluate the work being done and give you feedback based on spend vs. return.

We can provide supportive documentation or video explaining the link audit data and whether or not the efforts should be continued as well as potential solutions.

So even if you aren’t an SEO tech or even conversant with any form of digital marketing but you’d like to get an opinion – we can help.

The Link Audit Includes (Deliverables):

With the link analysis / backlink audit you will receive

    1 Link Audit which is a combination of a Google Sheet and Google Slides with an audit / evaluation and recommendations
    Tailored recommendations for your link building strategy
    Guidance on link acquisition channels, spend and organic growth

If you require additional explanation please let us know when you checkout.

How Long Will The Link Audit Take?

Link audits are generally quick depending on the size of your websites link profile – the average turnaround time is 5-7 days, although for larger link profiles we advise up to 10 days for delivery.

Contact us via the WhatsApp chat bubble to enquire about on-demand priority audits.

Average delivery times can vary depending on the size of your website and whether you provide search console access. *

The Link Audit will contain:

    • Summary analysis of your websites link profile
    • Domain metric snapshots
    • Tear down of follow / no follow / links by tag
    • Distribution of links across the domain
    • DR > Traffic grouping
    • DR > In Content & Traffic Grouping 
    • DR > In Content & Traffic Grouping with Topical Referring Domain Counts
    • True Link Value Estimation
    • Topical Trust Flow Evaluation
    • Citation Flow Evaluation
    • Distribution of Referring Domains to Inner Pages
    • Anchor Text Review & Balancing of Anchors
    • CTLD Evaluation
    • Raw Link Organic Contribution
    • Spam Evaluation
    • Link Network Checks (including Tiered Links)
    • And lots more
    Analysis/IncludesTypeLink Building Audit
    Initial Search Console AnalysisSite DataY
    Initial Link Evaluation (Search Console Data)Site DataY
    Link Platform Link ConsolidationLink DataY
    Link Velocity Over Time (Analysis)Link DataY
    Competitor Link Velocity Over TimeLink DataY
    Link Distribution AnalysisLink DataY
    Anchor Text Distribution AnalysisLink DataY
    Link Type (By Content Type) EvaluationLink DataY
    CTLD EvaluationLink DataY
    Distribution of External to Internal LinksLink DataY
    Evaluation of Domain vs Sub Domain LinksLink DataY
    Broken External Links & Potential for ReclamationLink DataY
    Topical Trust Flow Analysis and BenchmarkingLink DataY
    Citation Flow AnalysisLink DataY
    Link Network Analysis & Tiered LinksLink DataY
    Historic Performance Over Time vs. Link Profile & AcquisitionLink DataY
    Manual Link Toxicity AnalysisLink DataY
    Manual Link Traffic (Page and Domain) EvaluationLink DataY
    Distribution of External to Internal Links (Competitors)Link DataY
    PBN EvaluationLink DataY
    Penalty Assessment (if one exists)Link DataY
    Content / Link Index FactoringLink DataY
    Overall Link AssessmentLink DataY
    Summary VideoVideoY

    What Value Does The Link Audit Offer?

    A lot, why? well, for most SEO campaigns, links and digital PR are the most expensive part – so ensuring that your money is being spent wisely & to avoid being ripped off – our audits do just that.

    A £999 link building audit could save you tens of thousands of pounds in link building costs as well as time. The value for money from the audit will become apparent very quickly once you see just how far we tear down your domains link profile.

    Why choose one of our advanced backlink audits?  

    •  You’ll know whether your current efforts and investment is likely to pay off
    • You’ll Save Time & Money if Strategy Change if required now
    •  You’ll Get a Clear View of Link Building Quality Requirements
    •  You’ll Know Whether To Change Strategy or Reposition Efforts

    Here at, we wanted to redefine what an SEO audit really is – and with the link building audit, this is what we do.

    Now it’s your time to see just how a proper audit can help you save time and money.

    Our Clients Have Included 

    Client Case Study 

    “A very thorough link building audit that gave us true insights into what we were paying for”


    We had used SEO agencies in the past for link building – but the amount being spent vs the volume being delivered was questionable. The link building audit highlighted that most of our links were low-quality niche edits – many of which came from poor quality websites with spun content and artificially inflated domain ratings.

    The link audit was really clear and concise, it shows in detail which links are of little to absolutely no value – and just how bad most niche edits are (irrespective of where they come from) – we also was shown a tonne of blogspot sub domain spam, some links with heavy tiering behind them, toxic links (in respect of the domains and how the links pointed in) and more.

    The audit also gave us guidance on processes to help us change and refine our link building as well as making a more concerted effort to link bait and drive out media using ONS data & more.

    The audit was VERY thorough and has helped us to reposition our link building efforts entirely.

    I would highly recommend to any business/website owners who want a much better view of what they are paying for when it comes to SEO / link building.

    Kemley Sellars

    Hometree –


    Why pay for a link building audit? Can’t I just use SEMRUSH’s link toxicity score?

    Proper link building audits are a manual process, not automated. Just disavowing “toxic” links is not enough. It’s absolutely crucial to understand how a domains historic link building activity, trust over time, link acquisition rate and distribution are impacting rankings in the here and now – subject to the website itself being sufficient to rank, links are, in most niches, a weighted factor.

    Our paid for audits utilise over 21 years of SEO experience to ascertain – is your domain authority and trust factor sufficient enough to rank? how do you stack up against competitors? are you getting the right links for your investment? will your current efforts pay off or is it a money trap?

    Our paid audits offer SO much value & save 9/10 clients money – it’s a small price to pay for the output value.

    Change your strategy, efforts and direction if your current SEO / Link building methods aren’t cutting the mustard.

    We’ve been building links for years and seem to be doing OK? Is it still worth getting an audit?

    Yes, even sites that aren’t doing badly could benefit from a periodic link audit and healthcheck – after all, Google and other search engines evolve and so does their interpretation of a “quality link”.

    Don’t fall into the trap of complacency. A periodic link audit could uncover spam, PBNS, manipulative links as well as other quality issues that could potentially impact rank down the line – in 2021 alone, Google launched 2 link updates addressing link quality and spam.

    Our Link/SEO audits are a great way to understand whether your efforts are sustainable, how clean your link profile is, if your investment is worthwhile and lots more!.


    We saw a significant drop in rankings – can a link audit help?

    In most instances YES, but, ranking losses can be down to so many factors from website quality to content performance – links are just 1 factor of many. However, it’s ALWAYS worth exploring how your link profile could contribute to a loss in rankings and traffic.

    Our backlink audits are comprehensive enough to make the association between decline and probability of issues to do with links.

    We can briefly evaluate your website and link profile looking for comorbidities in the data to see if one or more issues are responsible for ranking and traffic losses.

    Toxic, poor quality links, a lack of good quality links, FIVERR brought links, poor qualilty niche edits, PBNS, web 2.0 and link spam can all contribute towards a loss of trust and “equity” in a domain – it could be that your website benefited in the short term from unethical link practices that – could have been undone during a core update leading to a loss of ranking.


    Can the Link Audit be used on any domain?

    Yes it can, we can perform a backlink audit on any domain, any country code top level domain or sub domain in any language.

    Link audits can be performed any time anywhere!

    99% of websites are suitable for audit – only a small portion of sites with no history or links aren’t suitable.

    We can audit competitor sites to find out what their link building strategy consists of too!

    Should we be link building with Guest Posts / Niche Edits / HARO or Digital PR?

    Link building is a process that requires a tailored approach – involving the development of trust and authority from topically relevant websites. Most SEO companies / agencies buy links from vendors – of which many sites are generally poor quality. have artificially inflated link metrics and provide no real “SEO” value.

    Digital PR and HARO are generally better ways of earning links to your domain – but even those need to be dealt with carefully to build trust in a natural way.

    Our SEO link audits will get to the bottom of every aspect of your websites link profile – we’ll find links of REAL tangible value, we’ll find links that are dead, artificially inflated, spammy and associated with link networks.

    Once we’ve delivered a full SEO audit of your link profile, we can then advise on what link building strategy you should take, what you should be avoiding, best practice and whether your current link investment is worth it or whether you should change your link investment path.

    Frequently Asked

    Why is a backlink audit important?
    Backlink audits are important because they provide an overview of the quality, viability and sustainability of your websites link profile as well as the link building activities being carried out. Keeping your sites link profile in good standing is important because it can ultimately influence how your website performs organically. Keeping on top of your links means you can prevent a loss of links, recover lost links, disavow anything that’s particularly toxic and to get an understanding of the quality factors.
    What is a toxic backlink?
    A toxic backlink is a link that could potentially contribute towards a penalty (manual action) and ultimately a loss of ranking. Toxic backlinks however are defined by metrics which can vary from tool to tool – so it’s important to keep this in mind before disavowing links perceived as toxic by third party tools.
    Should I submit a disavow?
    No, before submitting any disavow, allow us to audit your websites link profile – we can assess which links are most likely to pose a threat, from there, a staged disavow can be deployed to mitigate any potential losses as a result of discrediting links (even if the links are poor quality).

    How Does the SEO Link Audit Work?

    Our link audits are completely unique in the industry – we use consolidated data & our manual (and hands on) process of stripping out your websites link profile – we filter domains into DR/TRAFFIC Groups – we then segment those groups further into links with no traffic, low traffic etc. We then sub-segment further into links with FULL relevancy, topical relevancy, topical affinity and no topical connection.  This allows us to strip the link profile of any domain into components of “weight” vs non weighted – and from this, we can deduce how your links are likely to impede or support your strategy.

    We NEVER go by face value metrics that you can pull from SEO tools like AHREFS / MOZ / MAJESTIC etc.


    Here’s our LINK AUDITING Process –


    •   STEP 1 – Book your Link Audit through our website
    •   STEP 2 – You provide your domain & Google search console access 
    •   STEP 3 – We audit your domains link profile – we produce a report
    •   STEP 4 – We offer you tailored guidance on what to do next

      People trust for their link building audits because:


    •   Our link audits look through all the bloat / rubbish / irrelevant links to filter out links of TRUE value
    •   There’s no complex names associated with our process – you get raw link assessments from professionals with 20+ years SEO experience
    •    We look past DR / TF / CF / DA metrics – we look at raw, actual link value, we segregate and evaluate 
    •   We fully understand the distribution of links across your domain, your key pages, we look at the relationships between links, link topical relevance, velocity and other factors that are highly likely to impact your SEO strategy

      Here at, we wanted to redefine what an SEO audit really is – and with the link building audit, this is what we do.

      Now it’s your time to see just how a proper audit can help you save time and money. 

    Stop Falling Into The Poor Quality Link Building Trap


    Links are a quantifiable deliverable – and therefore are subject to abuse – poor quality links are cheap and easy to build and allow SEO suppliers to get away with charging a premium for otherwise something that is of little to no value and could ultimately be detrimental to your SEO efforts.

    As we are an SEO audit platform, we’ve audited hundreds of websites where the client has been with an SEO agency – in most instances we see the repeated pattern of poor quality link buying.

    Some agencies can charge as much as £300-£500 per link – for links that come from websites with artificially inflated DR metrics – meaning the link might look good at face value – but delve a little deeper and you’ll often find the domains are of ultra low quality.

    Our link audits are a great way to identify whether your strategy is built on quality over quantity.


    What Tools Do We Use for A Link Building Audit?


    We use AHREFS, Majestic, Cognitive as well as our own propriterary tools and good old manual analysis. We don’t let the tools do the work for us – we use tools to get the data we need for our manual link assessments.

    We’ll pull apart your domain metrics to see your links as search engines are likely to – of course this is impossible to do as an absolute evaluation – but, we’ll size up search console link data against your own – we’ll also segment out links that just won’t cut it for link equity.

    Unlike commercial SEO platforms – we don’t use “toxicity” evaluation, all of our evaluation is based on relevance and common sense + lots of SEO experience.