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Learn how to start your own SEO Side Hustle

SEO Side Hustle Webinar

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Who doesn’t want to have another form of income? SEO side hustles are a great way to use your own time to build SEO assets that can generate a residual income as well as being a great short>long term investment. Digital assets are booming in value – as are residual income websites which can sell for up to 40x their annual revenue!  

The webinar will be available live or in a recorded format for anyone who can’t attend during the live event. You will be provided with the full video to download.

What Value Does This Webinar Offer?

✓ Learn how to pick an SEO Side Hustle

✓ Learn how to Plan and Execute

✓ How to generate revenue

✓ You'll be donating to charities


SEO Side Hustle Webinar – Start Your Own Revenue Generating Website


Are you looking to start your own SEO Side Hustle? Always dreamed of setting up your own website? perhaps you want to dabble in affiliate revenue generation? rank and rent? In this webinar – I will show you how to set up your own SEO side hustle. You will learn – how to pick a niche, revenue opportunities & affiliates, choosing a domain, setting up a website, preparing a website/theme, preparing your content strategy, finding writers, the tools you will need, getting content on to the website, clustering, internal links and more!

WEBINAR DATE: 15th April 2pm – 6pm

pay in monthly instalments: 12 x £14.37


In this webinar - I go through the nuts and bolts of choosing an SEO side hustle, setting it up, monetising it and of course, getting something to rank.

  • How to pick a niche
  • Revenue opportunities & affiliates
  • Choosing a domain
  • Setting up a website
  • Preparing a website/theme,
  • Preparing your content strategy
  • Finding writers
  • Putting content briefs together
  • Getting the right content written
  • Internal linking
  • Auxiliary on page
  • Getting content on to the website
  • Clustering
  • Rich results
  • Getting traffic and scaling it
  • Earning money

SEO Side Hustles – What Are They?

An SEO side hustle is generally the term given to someone who is looking to generate another source of income – of course not all SEO side hustles have to be about money – but, in reality, nearly all of them are (unless you are like me and you set up websites to rank them for fun).

SEO side hustles – they are the ultimate way to make money, build an asset of value and ultimately – generate a huge return on investment.

In 2022 – SEO side hustles will boom more then ever.

So I Can Make A Lot of Money?

Yes, you can. SEO side hustles can be a number of things – from an affiliate website through to lead gen, rank and rent & more.

Websites that generate residual income are worth FAR MORE than the income they generate, because, the hard part is getting a website up and running and making money.

That’s why, if you look on websites such as, you’ll see websites sell anywhere from 20x to 40x+ their annual revenue.

Not only that – but, if you get it right, you could generate £1000s a month in affiliate revenue without having to do much work.

    What is a Digital Asset and How is it an Investment?

    A digital asset is something you own that exists online rather than an object such as a watch or car. Digital assets are so in demand and will continue to boom – why? because digital is leading the revolution when it comes to making money.
    Look at NFT’s and crypto – they are digital assets.

    But, many people do not realise how valuable digital assets like ranking websites / affiliate revenue generating websites are – you could sell a £1000 a month affiliate revenue website for more than £40,000!.

    OK, so in this Webinar, what will I Learn?

    In this webinar – you will learn a lot – you will learn how to pick a niche, how to choose a revenue model, the potential investment from your side based on the model you choose and everything that follows it from setting up a website through to content planning, link acqusition and more!

    The webinar and supporting slides will give you the kick start you need to start your own SEO side hustle.

    Choosing a Niche For Your Side Hustle

    So where do you start? mattress reviews? garden tool reviews? perhaps rank and rent lead gen for conservatories? or perhaps promoting software tools – either way there are thousands of things to choose from!

    Choosing a niche and understanding the implications is CRUCIAL for minimising your investment and maximising your return – selecting the right niche can make a big difference in asset value and potential returns.

    Remember – you’ll be doing SEO, so you want a niche that isn’t too saturated and you’ll want something easier to produce content for – but, don’t discount anything where there is opportunity.

    Choosing a Domain, Host & Building Your Website

    Getting a good domain from the outset is crucial – whether you buy a new domain or drop catch domains or you buy a DFY domain (Done for you) with pre-existing links, branding etc – either way, you need to get your domain right, plan ahead and also choose the best hosting that will meet your needs.

    Then, of course, it’s time to build a website – what CMS should you use? what prerequisites are there? who can build it? should you use a pagebuilder? and more

    Your SEO & Content Strategy

    Your SEO Side Hustle is going to rely on you having a strategy – get your strategy right and you’ll shorten time to rank, maximise revenue gains and you’ll protect yourself from the complications associated with ranking affiliate/rank and rent websites.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn about SEO and content strategies, how to plan, what content you’ll need, creating a map, finding writers, assigning briefs and more!

    You’ll also be provided with additional guidance, tools and resources you can use to speed up your hustle journey.

    Deliverables: What You’ll Get

    If you enroll on the webinar – you will receive:

      Google Slides covering process
      Google Sheets Templates
      Tool Insights / Scripts / Addons
      Copy of Webinar

    and of course – I will be happy to support questions.

    What Value Does The Webinar Offer?

    A lot – why? because SEO Side Hustles are the new “in thing” – everyone is looking for a way to make more money, and an SEO is one of the best ways to do just that!

    The key benefits are:

    • I’ll show you what I did to generate my own SEO Side Hustles – what mistakes I made and what processes I used
    • I’ll save you time and money – from picking the right revenue model to getting content written
    • I’ll teach methodologies in regards to building your SEO side hustle and things you can do to speed up ranking
    • I’ll show you the kind of things you can make money from and how to build a digital asset portfolio

    This will be an intensive webinar designed to give you the extra SEO knowledge required to amplify rank.

    Our Clients Have Included 

    What People Say

    “Daniel set up one of our mattress review websites and helped us put the wheels in motion for affiliate revenue”


    We hired Daniel to help with an affiliate project, he helped us choose a domain, choose a product industry and guided us on setting everything up. He also provided some resources which we have used to build a small team of writers and link builders.

    We’ve been able to scale our mattress review website and as of September last year, it’s started to make a growing monthly revenue stream which is super exciting.

    Daniel is very insightful, very process driven and oozes SEO passion – if you are looking for someone to guide you – look no further.

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