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The basic audit is a great discovery tool

The SEO Audit (Basic) is a highly useful audit that will highlight all key issues as to why your website isn’t ranking, has lost ground or isn’t making progress. This is designed for smaller websites , and will provide a great summary of issues / things that need to be addressed.

 A Core Essentials Audit

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What Value Does Audit Offer?

✓ Is Your SEO Strategy Viable?

✓ Save Time & Money With A Professional Review

✓ Find ALL SEO Issues with Clear Synopsis

✓ You’ll Know Whether To Change Strategy or Reposition Efforts


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SEO Audit Basic

£ 899.99

Are you looking for an SEO audit that gives you key information relating to your current SEO / Organic efforts? The basic SEO audit (which is still very much advanced compared to standard marketplace audits) will give an overview of where your site positions (across wider groups of keywords), ranking trajectory, SEO efforts review & feedback, on site technical evaluation, top level content and SERP evaluation.

Please note at checkout we accept payments by STRIPE or PAYITMONTHLY.


pay in monthly instalments: 6 x £150.00


Are you looking for an SEO audit that gives you key information relating to your current SEO / Organic efforts? The basic SEO audit (which is still very much advanced compared to standard marketplace audits) will give an overview of where your site positions (across wider groups of keywords), ranking trajectory, SEO efforts review & feedback, on site technical evaluation, top level content and SERP evaluation.


How it Works & What You Get

Summary in one video

Who is this Audit for?

This SEO audit is suitable for:

  • Small / Medium Businesses Only
  • Businesses who want a second opinion of their current SEO efforts
  • In house or external SEO’s who want a second opinion of work
  • Businesses that need clear guidance on SEO strategy and direction to head / things to focus on
  • Businesses who are unclear whether their investment into SEO is likely to generate a return
  • Businesses that are unsure of the liklihood of an ROI from current / recent SEO efforts

Not Technically Minded?

If you require the audit to be friendly for those with lesser / very little SEO knowledge – we can provide audits that explain the issues in more “laymen’s terms”. At checkout – simply tell us who the audit is intended for and whether or not it needs to be simplified.

SEO audits can and do contain some terminology that might be difficult to understand for NON-SEO’s – but the explanations will help to alleviate this.

If your audit needs to be simplified or contain video content to help explain – that’s fine, we can include that.

    The SEO Audit Basic Includes (Deliverables):

    With the basic SEO audit you will receive:

      1 SEO Audit in Google Slides / PDF Format
      1 Segment / Query Analysis Sheet in Google Sheets or Excel
      Visibility report
      Summary Evaluation of Efforts
      Summary Video

    If you require additional explanation please let us know when you checkout.

    How Long Will It Take?

    It will depend on what delivery timeframe you specify. There are standard audit delivery times which usually range from 7-14 days or there are express audits which can be delivered in as little as 5 days.

    If you need an audit early – please contact us via the WhatsApp chat bubble to enquire about on-demand priority audits.

    Average delivery times can vary depending on the size of your website and whether you provide search console access. *

    The SEO Audit will contain:

    • Initial search console review (last 16 months / 6 months comparison)
    • Initial review of core keyword ranking progression/trajectory
    • SERP review for lead keywords
    • Website on-site technical review
    • Review of URLS / URL Structure / Clustering

    and all of the following items (see the table below). PLEASE NOTE – In a basic audit – the items below are not covered in as much depth as a comprehensive audit.

    Analysis/IncludesTypeSEO Audit Basic
    Initial Search Console AnalysisSite DataY
    Search Console Segmented Query AnalysisKeyword DataY
    Search Console Device Based Non Brand Query/Impression AnalysisDevice DataY
    Keyword/Query Trajectory AnalysisKeyword DataY
    Competitor SERP Performance Over TimeCompetitor DataY
    Website Index AnalysisSite DataY
    Supplemental / Omitted Result AnalysisSite DataY
    Page Level Query Performance AnalysisKeyword DataY
    Cannibalisation AuditContent DataY
    Low Quality Content AuditContent DataY
    Initial Site Content AuditContent DataY
    Duplicate & Cannibalising Content EvaluationContent DataY
    Query to Landing Page Relevancy AlignmentContent DataY
    Site URL Architecture AnalysisSite DataY
    URL Consistency EvaluationSite DataY
    Full Tag Evaluation (Canonicals, HREFLANG et.c)Site DataY
    Search Console Coverage EvaluationSite DataY
    Landing Page Construction (Template Evaluation)Site DataY
    Title Performance (CTR) / Title RewritesSite DataY
    Meta Description EvaluationSite DataY
    Site Crawl & Reported Header CodesSite DataY
    Re-Direction & Re-Direct ChainsSite DataY
    Internal Linking AuditSite DataY
    Use of Headings & Content Relation EvaluationSite DataY
    Page Accessibility Element ReviewSite DataY
    Site Navigation & Footer EvaluationSite DataY
    Domain Trust Factors ReviewLink DataY
    Sub Domain EvaluationLink DataY
    Link Audit (Full Referring Domain Review)Site DataY
    Link Performance Over Time & DistributionLink DataY
    Anchor Text AuditLink DataY
    Competitor Link Performance Evaluation Link DataY
    Link Spam ReviewLink DataY
    Page Experience / Core Web Vitals ReviewSite DataY
    Google Tag ChecksSite DataY
    Google Analytics Initial AuditSite DataY
    Overall SEO Performance SummarySite DataY

    What Value Does This Audit Offer?

    A lot. Whether you are spending £1000 a month on SEO, £5000, £10,000 a month – it’s always good to understand whether the investment is working and whether the work being done is enough.

    You’ll also get a far more holistic view of which factors are more likely to impact rank in your websites niche.

    • You’ll save money
    • You’ll Save Time
    • You’ll Get a Clear View of Strategy Value
    • You’ll Know Whether To Change Strategy or Reposition Efforts

    Here at, we wanted to redefine what an SEO audit really is.

    Now it’s your time to see just how a proper audit can help you save time and money. 

    Our Clients Have Included 

    Client Case Study 

    “Our site literally lost most of its rankings & traffic.”


    We had suffered gradual traffic losses over time. We were wiped out early 2020 with traffic dropping to less than 50 clicks a day down from a daily average of 250 clicks a day. 

    We were previously selling around 10-20 products a day before we lost traffic.

    We had tried an seo agency – but after a few months we thought it was strange they were focusing on blogs and not on our ecommerce terms.

    Our in house marketing manager commissioned an SEO audit – and we were blown away by what was delivered. It provided deep insights into the losses and what had happened.

    After we received the audit we actually hired Daniel to come in and fix the issues – now we are ahead of where we was previously. I am very pleased, the audit was beyond great value for money. Whilst I didn’t understand most of it, our in house marketing manager sort of got the jist of where the issues were, from there on, the audit gave us clear guidance on some of the things we needed to focus on.

    Gerald Dean

    AMBII Home Living



    Why are these audits so much more expensive than other SEO audits online?

    The terminology “you get what you pay for” comes to mind. SEO audits spat out by most companies are often generated using SEO tools.

    Most audits out there are weak, thin and do not provide a proper insight into ranking / traffic performance or the factors impacting rank.

    Our audits are manually generated off the back of actual data.

    Our audits are thorough, in-depth, tailored to the requirements to rank in your niche, from finance to travel, eCommerce to casino, food to investment.

    What you are paying for is an audit to be carried out by experts such as Daniel Foley Carter who have over 21 years experience in the SEO industry.

    Remember – most agencies charge thousands of £ a month – an audit could save you a lot of cost in paying for sub-par information.


    So FREE SEO Audits Aren’t Any Good?

    Free SEO audits are free because they usually take little to no time to generate. It’s a case of someone putting your website into a handful of tools and spitting out snapshots of data into a pre-made template.

    That’s not to be harsh on the industry – but that’s the industry norm.

    An SEO audit that’s free is an attempt to get you to onboard with their services.

    Free SEO audits do not generally contain data that is meaningful in respect of actually moving the needle when it comes to ranking / visibility gains.

    Free SEO audits are free for a reason…………


    Can These SEO Audits Be Used To Recover Website Traffic / Lost Rankings?

    Absolutely – if you’ve lost rankings / traffic and need to find out why – an SEO audit (one of ours) will find out what’s happened, where the losses are and the reasons behind the losses.

    The audits provide insights and guidance – obviously you’ll need an SEO to carry out the work (And don’t worry if you don’t have one, we’re a part of Daniel Foley’s SEO Consultancy / Assertive – so if you need a plan that involves – finding out what’s wrong, proposing a plan and fixing, look no further.

    If you’ve been going round and round trying to figure out why you’ve lost traffic, it’s time for one of our professional SEO audits.


    Can You Audit Any Website?

    Yes we can, there is no limitation on the types of website we can audit. We can audit travel websites, finance websites, investment websites, eCommerce websites, in fact ANY NICHE! 

    We can audit any website regardless of how or what it is built on from WordPress site audits through to just REACT JS, Javascript, PHP, Umbraco, Shopify, Bigcommerce – you name it we can audit it!

    Simply add the audit to your cart, checkout, provide details of your website and be sure to grant us search console / google analytics access, we can do the rest!

    Of course, if you have any questions – hit the whatsapp button in the right hand corner to strike up a conversation.

    Frequently Asked

    Can We Use the SEO Audit Basic for a Website Pre-Migration / Post-Migration
    Yes, however, if the website size is large – it may require additional time. If you would like to enquire as to potential costs please contact Irrespective of cost, an SEO audit can be used to identify any issues pre or post migration.
    Will You Perform a Technical Audit For Our Website?
    Yes, the basic SEO audit will incorporate a technical review of the website, looking at the construction of your website, composition of tags, elements & more.
    Can You Fix The Issues Highlighted In An SEO Audit?
    Yes, if you require additional support after your SEO audit we can provide it. Our support extends to fixing content issues, development issues, performance issues, link issues and more. So if our audits find stuff that needs addressing – we can address it if you require.
    Will the Basic SEO Audit give us actionable recommendations?
    The BASIC audit is there to highlight key issues but not to advise on how to fix it – you will require your own in house SEO resource or third party SEO resource to fix – alternatively if you would like help with fixing issues found we can provide support via or via

    A basic audit is GREAT for smaller websites – where you need to gauge what is wrong so that a plan of action to fix it can be put together.

    Basic audits will not give specific recommendations.

    If you are looking for an AUDIT with recommendations then please choose the INTERMEDIATE / ADVANCED / BEHEMOTH audits.