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Ranking & Traffic Recovery Audit

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Ranking and traffic losses can be devastating to any business that relies heavily on online trade. Our SEO audits are a professional solution for businesses that have lost ground recently or, lost ground in the past and can’t seem to regain ground. We provide a deep dive into your websites profile, evaluating the impact of core updates, algorithm changes, SERP shifts, manual actions and more. Get FULL insights and an actionable solution.

pay in monthly instalments: 12 x £125.00

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Each year, millions of websites across the globe fall foul of Google one way or another - either through a penalty or manual action or through algorithm changes that lead to devasating and sometimes overnight drops. This problem can lead to businesses / marketing managers in panic and ultimately - knee jerking for a solution. This isn't the solution. Unfortunately SEO is a dynamic process and failiure to keep on top of your strategy or using the right resource can lead to adverse impacts when an update hits. Our audits identify key points that are likely responsible for your losses, what can be done, the approach for recovery and full guidance.

Our audits save time - they get to the bottom of RAW data and often help clients quickly recover.



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