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Professional SEO Audits for Websites in the Finance Industry

We provide fully bespoke SEO audits for finance websites across the entire financial services market from finance comparison engines through to loan websites, mortgage brokerages, investment houses, stocks, complex financial products & more. Our audits are bespoke and include the most comprehensive tear down of your website, content, link strategy, UX / user behaviour, YMYL compliancy, content coverage, regulatory trust factors & more.

 Professional SEO Audits

 Finance Sector


What Value Does Audit Offer?

✓ Is Your SEO Strategy Viable?

✓ Full financial ranking recovery & growth

✓ Get full guidance & SEO strategic guidance

✓ You’ll Know Whether To Change Strategy or Reposition Efforts

Our audits are 100% bespoke and are NOT conventional SEO audits – we do not send you screen dumps from SEO tools!

Finance SEO Audit

£ 4,999.00£ 14,999.00

Our finance SEO audits are suitable for all types of financial website from mortgage websites to loan websites, investment websites to stocks, trading and more. We can provide high quality, bespoke and in-depth SEO audits covering every aspect of the financial services sector. The finance sector tends to have more complex ranking factors associated with it including E-A-T/YMYL and third party trust factors, regulatory factors etc. This is why our finance SEO audits are completely bespoke and tailored towards your niche and website. If your finance website has suffered ranking losses, a lack of ranking growth (stagnancy) or issues with indexation, URL drop out or poor enquiry volumes – our audits are the solution.


We've helped financial websites recover lost rankings, gain new traffic, improve organic performance and drive more conversions. We've helped comparison engines, large and medium sized mortgage/finance brokerages and lots more to identify in-depth issues with their website, content strategies, link acquisition, usability, user behavioural factors and lots more.



Additional information

Website Size

Less than 100 pages (Small website), 100-1k pages (Small website), 1k-5k pages (Medium size website), 5k-20k pages (Medium size website), 20k-50k pages (Large size website), 50k+ pages (Very large website)

Delivery Urgency

Very High (2 weeks), High (3 weeks), Fairly (4 weeks), Not Urgent(4-6 weeks)

How it Works & What You Get

Summary in one video

Who is this Audit for?

Our financial SEO Audits are suitable for:

  • Any website in the financial services sector
  • Financial websites hit by Google core updates / ranking updates
  • Financial websites that fail to gain rank
  • Financial websites that suffer from stagnancy
  • Building a forward SEO strategy in the finance niche
  • Increasing enquiries / sales / customers
  • Fact find and discovery information

If you have a specific query feel free to contact us.

Bespoke Finance SEO Analysis

Our auditing is fully bespoke, so when you buy one of our audits, you are buying time to conduct a full professional teardown of your website, organic profile, strategy to date, SERP, competitors and more. Unlike most SEO audit suppliers, we do NOT send you snapshots of crawl issues and data that you could pick off yourself. We use search console data and manual analysis to build an audit that gets fully under the skin of your website, rankings, losses/lack of gains as well as the search results themselves.

We’ll evaluate your websites history, the work done to date, what content you’ve produced, what links have been built, how your website is constructed, how its crawled, how people use it and engage with it, how your target keywords have performed over time, how the search results have changed and lots more.

    What Deliverables Will You Receive?

    With the advanced SEO audit you will receive:

      1 SEO Audit in Google Slides / PDF Format
      1 Segment / Query Analysis Sheet in Google Sheets or Excel
      1 Master SEO Sheet with Tabbed Analysis
      Visibility & SOV report
      A Comprehensive Summary Evaluation of Efforts
      Videos of findings
      Recommendations (more comprehensive)
      ERP / Process recommendations (video or PDF)

    If you require additional explanation please let us know when you checkout.

    How Long Will Your Audit Take?

    Our SEO audits are bespoke, that means the amount of data in them will depend on the size of your website, your product/service coverage and more. We aim to deliver SEO audits within a month of ordering. During the SEO audit process, you will be given access to our project management tool so you can see how your audit is progressing.

    We can provide early insights and on the fly guidance for businesses looking to get some quick actions.

    Our audits are not rushed and will be delivered once all data has been analysed, all analysis presented and end guidance provided.

    Because the financial services sector can be complex, audit times will generally take at LEAST 3 weeks, but, this may be shorter for smaller finance websites.

    Average delivery times can vary depending on the size of your website and whether you provide search console access. *

    The SEO Audit will contain:

    • Full search console review (last 16 months / 6 months comparison)
    • Full review of core keyword ranking progression/trajectory
    • SERP review for lead keywords / intent keywords / conversion keywords
    • Full Website on-site technical review
    • Review of URLS / URL Structure / Clustering
    • Cannibalisation Audit
    • Low Quality Content Audit
    • Striking distance keyword opportunities
    • CTR Audit

    and all of the following items (see the table below).

    Analysis/IncludesTypeSEO Audit Behemoth
    Initial Search Console AnalysisSite DataY
    Search Console Segmented Query AnalysisKeyword DataY
    Search Console Device Based Non Brand Query/Impression AnalysisDevice DataY
    Keyword/Query Trajectory AnalysisKeyword DataY
    Competitor SERP Performance Over TimeCompetitor DataY
    Website Index AnalysisSite DataY
    Supplemental / Omitted Result AnalysisSite DataY
    Page Level Query Performance AnalysisKeyword DataY
    Cannibalisation AuditContent DataY
    Low Quality Content AuditContent DataY
    Initial Site Content AuditContent DataY
    Duplicate & Cannibalising Content EvaluationContent DataY
    Query to Landing Page Relevancy AlignmentContent DataY
    Site URL Architecture AnalysisSite DataY
    URL Consistency EvaluationSite DataY
    Full Tag Evaluation (Canonicals, HREFLANG et.c)Site DataY
    Search Console Coverage EvaluationSite DataY
    Landing Page Construction (Template Evaluation)Site DataY
    Title Performance (CTR) / Title RewritesSite DataY
    Meta Description EvaluationSite DataY
    Site Crawl & Reported Header CodesSite DataY
    Re-Direction & Re-Direct ChainsSite DataY
    Internal Linking AuditSite DataY
    Use of Headings & Content Relation EvaluationSite DataY
    Page Accessibility Element ReviewSite DataY
    Site Navigation & Footer EvaluationSite DataY
    Domain Trust Factors ReviewLink DataY
    Sub Domain EvaluationLink DataY
    Link Audit (Full Referring Domain Review)Site DataY
    Link Performance Over Time & DistributionLink DataY
    Anchor Text AuditLink DataY
    Competitor Link Performance Evaluation Link DataY
    Link Spam ReviewLink DataY
    Page Experience / Core Web Vitals ReviewSite DataY
    Google Tag ChecksSite DataY
    Google Analytics Initial AuditSite DataY
    Overall SEO Performance SummarySite DataY
    Aggregated Query / Click to Query Vol AnalysisKeyword DataY
    Primary & Secondary Impression AuditKeyword DataY
    Competitor Site Content EvaluationContent DataY
    Query Intent to Landing Page EvaluationContent DataY
    Topical Clustering AnalysisContent DataY
    Search Console Link Evaluation (Internal)Link DataY
    Search Console Link Evaluation (External)Link DataY
    Above the Fold vs Centre Fold vs Low Fold Content EvaluationContent DataY
    Other Known Brand Based Domain EvaluationSite DataY
    Site Behaviour Flow AnalysisSite DataY
    Segmented Site Behaviour Flow AnalysisSite DataY
    Guided RecommendationsStrategy DataY
    SEO Priority Resolution ListStrategy DataY
    Aggregated Query / Click to Query Vol AnalysisKeyword DataY
    Primary & Secondary Impression AuditKeyword DataY
    Competitor Site Content EvaluationContent DataY
    Query Intent to Landing Page EvaluationContent DataY
    Topical Clustering AnalysisContent DataY
    Search Console Link Evaluation (Internal)Link DataY
    Search Console Link Evaluation (External)Link DataY
    Above the Fold vs Centre Fold vs Low Fold Content EvaluationContent DataY
    Other Known Brand Based Domain EvaluationSite DataY
    Site Behaviour Flow AnalysisSite DataY
    Segmented Site Behaviour Flow AnalysisSite DataY
    Guided RecommendationsStrategy DataY
    SEO Priority Resolution ListStrategy DataY
    SERP Analysis (SERP Changes Over Time)SERP AnalysisY
    Wayback Analysis & Site ReviewSite DataY
    Competitor Wayback Analysis & Site ReviewCompetitor DataY
    NLP Topical AnalysisContent DataY
    Search Console Reported Link Audit (vs Third Party)Link DataY
    Link Equity Distribution Evaluation (Internal vs. External)Link DataY
    Tiered Link AuditLink DataY
    SERP Aggregated Link Power AuditLink DataY
    Historic Penalty Checks / ReviewsSERP DataY
    Google Update & Query Coverage ReviewSERP DataY
    Landing Page Engagement Factors (LPEF)Site DataY
    Content Strategy / Support GuidanceContent DataY
    Link Building & Digital PR RecommendationsStrategy DataY
    SERP Analysis (SERP Changes Over Time)SERP AnalysisY
    Advanced Site Content AuditContent DataY
    Scrolll & Interaction Mapping (Evaluation or Guidance)Site DataY
    SEO Testing Model RecommendationsStrategy DataY
    SERP / User Behaviour POGO AnalysisSite DataY
    Secondary INLINKS Content EvaluationContent DataY
    Content Strategy (New Content, Revamp, Striking Distance)Content DataY
    Striking Distance OpportunitiesSite DataY

    What Value Does This Audit Offer?

    Our finance audits offer exceptional value, how? because they contain MORE data, insights and guidance than you would typically receive in most SEO retainers over a much longer timeframe. Our audits can and do save businesses £1000s – £10,000s of pounds by helping to change SEO direction, prevent spend wastage, resteer SEO efforts, bin off any unessescary work (that’s deemed to not be bringing organic benefit) and so much more.

    Why choose one of our financial SEO audits? 

    •  Your business will save money
    • Your business will save time
    •  You’ll get a full review of your SEO efforts to date and whether to continue them
    •  You’ll get a new, fresh strategy and process to follow

    Here at, we wanted to redefine what an SEO audit really is.

    Now it’s your time to see just how a proper audit can help you save time and money. 

    Our Clients Have Included 

    Client Case Study 

    “We run a London based Bridging Loan Brokerage, Daniel’s audit and SEO efforts turned our rankings around.”


    There are SEO’s, and then there’s Daniel. We hired Daniel to conduct an SEO audit on our bridging and development finance website after losing all our historic rankings.

    We were of course skeptical having been burned numerous times by seo agencies who promised everything and delivered very little.

    Needless to say, Daniel’s SEO audit was very good – far more detailed than anyting I’ve been presented with before, it wasn’t the easiest audit to digest as I’m not technical from an SEO perspective, but, it was very clear in what the issues were and how they could be solved.

    Subsequently we hired Daniel to take over our SEO after the audit and since, all of our rankings recovered.

    Matthew Daily

    MD, Tiger Financial –


    Why are these audits so much more expensive than other SEO audits online?

    Simply put, because they are actually SEO audits with actual usable data that’s not dumped from SEO tools such as AHREFS, SEMRUSH, MOZ and other SEO platforms.

    We don’t use third party tools to auto-generate reports, absolutely EVERY part of our SEO audits are bespoke.

    You are getting SEO expertise from SEOs with 20+ years experience in the industry who have delivered and managed some of the largest SEO campaigns on the planet.

    Are audits are priced based on time, expertise and value.

    What you’ll get back will be something that will far outweigh value from any previous SEO investment.

    What financial sectors do we cover?

    We cover EVERY part of the financial sector including but not limited to:

    • Accounting
    • Business Banking / Banking
    • Insurance
    • Investment Banking
    • Life Assurance and Pensions
    • Regulated Advice
    • Asset Management
    • Capital Markets
    • Commodities
    • Compliance / Legal
    • Debt, IVAs and Financial Support
    • Derivatives & Equity
    • Hedge Funds
    • Private Equity & Finance Houses
    • Wealth Management

    and lots more.


    Can These SEO Audits Be Used To Recover Website Traffic / Lost Rankings?

    Yes they can. It’s no secret, the financial services sector is complex and can often see wild search result swings during Google core updates. The complexity of the industry and independent factors around YMYL (Your Money Your Life), E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, Trust) and other financial signals – means its very easy for websites in finance to lose rankings and traffic quickly & to varying degrees.

    Our finance SEO audits provide full insight and actionable analysis that can be used to reverse ranking and traffic decline as well as to better futureproof your SEO efforts.

    In economic climates that are more volatile, it’s of vital importance to ensure your finance website is compliant, not just from a content perspective, but from a user engagement and intent perspective – your site needs to have proper content coverage, sufficient trust factors and more to thrive in the online marketplace.


    What SEO After Supports Exists?

    We can provide SEO support post audit delivery. If your financial organisation needs help implementing and actioning the audit we can help through our independent consultancy (and or agency for larger financial organisations). We’re fully equipped to deal with SEO for financial services and we understand global regulatory requirements from FCA regulation (financial conduct authority) through to international KYC / AML.

    We can provide technical SEO consultancy & implementation which covers all on site factors through to the creation and delivery of high quality YMYL/E-A-T financial content, financial digital PR & finance based link acqusition / link earning.

    Our consultancy has delivered mortgage SEO, loan SEO, comparison engine SEO, regulatrd & unregulated financial product SEO & more.

    Frequently Asked

    Our Mortgage Website Lost Rankings - Can we get them back?
    Yes, all rankings are recoverable, but it depends on the scope of loss and where the losses originated. In our SEO audit we’ll analyse losses, where and why they happened and how they can be recovered. You’ll get an honest view of the work required for recovery.

    We’ve seen the mortgage industry evolve over the years alongside complex technical requirements around links, content, user intent and more.

    Will You Perform a Technical Audit For Our Website?
    Our SEO audits include a full technical on site audit – we cover all the usual items from headings, titles, URLS, above the fold heading utilisation, title to heading relationship analysis, URL consistency, canonicalisation review, cannibalisation review and more! 

    No aspects of our financial SEO review are left out – every element employed by your website will be subject to a review.

    Can You Fix The Issues Highlighted In An SEO Audit?
    Yes, if you require additional support after your SEO audit we can provide it. Our support extends to fixing content issues, development issues, performance issues, link issues and more. So if our audits find stuff that needs addressing – we can address it if you require.